STUDEMIA – Education simplified.

We at IVEO are very proud to announce our new project, Studemia!

Studemia is intended to be the base for students all over the world. Studemia is a new approach to project collaboration and resource sharing for all academics among us.

How did the idea come up?

When attending a course at the university it’s surprising how useless software there is to plan, organize and collaborate on school work.  The university often offers something similar to a web forum or sharepoint based intranet. These are slow, non agile, non adaptable and boring platforms.

There are several small smart apps out there though! These can help you keep track of notes, schedules and deadlines. Yet, there is no application available that can help you share this stuff and collaborate in projects using all this information in a proficient way. We want to change that fact!

The purpose of Studemia is to collect the features you use the most and offer the ability to share and collaborate. We have kept our vision clear: Education simplified. Our main goal with Studemia is to optimize how you plan your schoolwork. By applying simple agile collaboration methods from SCRUM and KAMBAN to school projects we hope to enable much more efficient work.

We want you to break down your school projects into smaller tasks and assign them to your project members (in a study group). Students among the group can volunteer to take on certain tasks or someone can assign tasks among the study group. All tasks also have a deadline. This way you always know what to expect from your group. A dynamic calendar is populated based on yours and others’ deadlines in projects. If a deadline is coming up, an email notification will be sent to the group-member, reminding he or she about the upcoming task.

In addition to all this we want Studemia to be the place where you take and organize your notes. Since Studemia is based on you choosing your current courses, we can easily manage and sort the notes and resources most important for you at the moment. With just a click (or drag-and-drop) you can share your notes with your buddy who missed that last seminar.


To sum it up

The fact that you can take notes, upload resources and talk to your fellow classmates is given, that’s the easy stuff. The fact that you can share these and start private, sophisticated study groups is what makes Studemia special. Just choose your current courses and you’re ready to share, talk and collaborate with those in your class.


For this project we use: Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Backbone.js and then some more JS.
If you are kick-ass at any of these technologies and wants to join us and change education, see contact details below.

To sign up, visit!

The team:

Vilhelm Josander
Markus Sackemark
Per Anderberg Almhorn
Johan Wallberg 

Contact if you want to get in contact with us!

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